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    Have a business idea but don't know where to start?

    Want to be a successful innovative entrepreneur?

    Throughout the Entrepreneur-in-Training sessions you will learn key aspects and skills needed for creating a business and becoming an entrepreneur. During the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp you will immerse yourself in a community of real entrepreneurs and experience what it takes to run a startup business. Put all these skills to the test and experience the life of working at a startup, surrounded by entrepreneurs, during the Startup Youth Summer Internship program!



    Ever looked for a job but needed more experience on your resume?

    Then wondered how to get this experience without having a job? 

    By participating in the Entrepreneur-in-Training sessions and working with startups during the Startup Youth Summer Internship program, not only do you gain essential work experience in the industry of your choice, but also the fundamental skills to create your own business. Imagine putting that on your resume! The entrepreneurial experience you gain from these Startup Youth programs will help propel you into a future of success, no matter what industry or field you're most passionate about.



    Still need those volunteer hours to graduate high school?

    Or receive a Duke of Ed award? Or complete your IB Diploma? 

    You'll get more than enough hours during the Startup Youth Summer Internship program! The month of August will be spent working with various participating startup businesses in many different industries to suit your passions. You will being participating in team projects, brainstorming new innovative ideas for the company, writing articles about entrepreneurship, giving the businesses a youth perspective, and so much more! By the end of the program you will have a great addition to your resume or post-secondary school application, well over one-hundred valid volunteer hours completed, build business relationships with experienced professionals to grow your network, and learn skills that will last you a lifetime!

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  • Year-Round Programs

    We provide an enriching environment where young entrepreneurs can thrive

    Learn the fundamental entrepreneurial skills for starting a business

    These year-round bi-weekly training sessions will guide you in the discovery of your inner entrepreneur. Each session features a different entrepreneur from one of the participating startups while focussing in on the overarching skill of the month. The program is carefully developed so that by reinforcing a different entrepreneurial skill each month you will have completed the program with all the tools to become a successful entrepreneur. You will also have networked and connected with many successful individuals that can guide you on our entrepreneurial journey!

    Startup Youth Summer Internship

    Put all your skills to the test when working with startups!

    An invigorating four-week program in August encompasses all the skills learned throughout the training programs. The internship program is entirely complimentary, the only pre-requisites are that at least ten ('Year' or 'Pro' package) of the Entrepreneur in Training sessions, or the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp have been completed. This is necessary as you will be needing all the skills you have learned when working first-hand with the startup businesses featured throughout the programs. At the end of each week, you will work on creating your own business plan and compete at the end of the month for the opportunity to put it into action and become the CEO of your very own company!

    Startup Youth Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

    Experience the thrill of entrepreneurship during your March Break

    Learn what it takes to run a startup business by spending the week of March Break immersed in a community of experienced entrepreneurs. Innovate with the featured startup businesses and indulge in intense entrepreneur training sessions. The training will reinforce essential entrepreneurial skills learned from key entrepreneurs. Participate in features such as tours of the startups, live workshops, creative discussions, business development and much more. On the last day you'll get to pitch your idea to a panel of business professionals & entrepreneurs!

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    Victoria is inspired to empower young entrepreneurs who dream of their big ideas becoming a reality. She wants to give them the opportunity to learn essential life-long entrepreneurial skills while working along-side startup businesses. Victoria has lived in Europe, The Caribbean and North America and she can speak four different languages. Her international outlook helps her envision the importance of youth entrepreneurship on a global scale.

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